Apollo Ventures

We are a reliable partner for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Apollo Ventures is an alternative investment fund focused on managing capital in the digital asset sector. The fund is designed for qualified investors seeking diversification in this segment.

Why invest with us?



We put the trust of our clients first. Therefore, all our clients have the opportunity to access blockchain wallets, centralized exchange statements, or request an independent audit of the fund's accounting.


Emphasis on safety

Protection of capital is one of our priorities. We were not significantly affected by any of the events like the collapse Terra-Luna or crash the FTX. We are not saying that we have predicted everything on the market, we are aware that anything can happen in the digital asset market and that is why we have very strict security processes.


Proven and effective strategy

Our strategies have been tested in both bull and bear markets. We follow macro trends, fundamental analysis, on-chain data, and social media and community engagement. Our strategy also includes rigorous risk assessment. This approach helps us identify asymmetric investment opportunities.


Valuable experience

We have been operating on financial markets since 2014. We have built a network of partners and outreach in communities. We have been involved in numerous projects from the beginning and have followed their development, victories, and setbacks. Thanks to our enormous effort, we have been able to adapt to the speed at which the digital asset market operates. We are ready to dynamically grow and find attractive opportunities for capital yield.

Trading skills

We regularly place ourselves among the best traders on crypto exchanges, most recently in TOP 10 on BYBIT.

Market edge

As the only fund in the Czech Republic, we are part of the Nansen Alpha crypto community consisting of 150 leading experts and fund managers in this segment.

Results of our strategy

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec YTD
2023 - - 3.68 % -0.45 % -2.83 % -0.22 % -2.21 % -2.91 % 4.01 % 19.16 % 15.71 % 38.58 % 88.79 %
2024 -3.7 % 31.62 % 13.18 % -28.03 % 13.16 % - - - - - - - 16.83 %

Our Team

Jakub Helešic
Jakub Helešic
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Tomáš Pacalt
Tomáš Pacalt
Fund Manager
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Roman Panuška
Roman Panuška
Fund Manager
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